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With excellent performance to win

Le 25 December 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

With excellent performance to win the Mussina trust, Makhta Tarah became the first choice of the 10th position this season. In the first three rounds, he started the field with 5 assists and tied the total number of assists in various events of last season in 248 minutes. The first three rounds of five assists also let him surpass Henry Henrik Lundqvist Jersey, a small law, Azar and others, to tie the Newcastle star Rueil Fawkes to keep the Premiership record. However, ESPN said Madman still cautiously skeptical of Mickey, want to completely conquer the coach, Armenia need strong dialogue in the dominant performance Henrik Lundqvist Jersey Womens. And after the return of injury in Bogle again? Newcastle Manchester United to create opportunities for 13 times, followed by a 12 times, followed by a 10 times. In the three games suspended in Pogba during the three games a total of 17 opportunities created. After a 0-0 draw at Liverpool in October, former Manchester United captain Gary Neville commented: "When Manchester United went to Anfield Josh Jooris Jersey, they could not effectively tie the front and backcourts together and Pogba could do it "Pogba presence or not Dan Boyle Jersey, how much? From October 2016 onwards, there are 41 games played by Pogba, Manchester United keep the Premiership unbeaten.

The first hard-fought battle of the season

Le 25 December 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

The first hard-fought battle of the season, Manchester United 0-0 draw Liverpool, Mickey starter only sent a key pass, three breakthroughs failed, pass the success rate of less than 80%, kicked 62 minutes to be replaced. Two weeks after Tottenham against the Spurs, the Reds won 1-0 James Sheppard Jersey, but as early as the 64th minute he had left, recorded a key pass, three attempts to break all attempts Mika Zibanejad Jersey, passing the success rate fell to 62%. In early November and Chelsea a war, Mike Mussina continue to give "his mother" opportunity, but he handed over 0 key pass, a successful extraordinary awkward answers, 61 minutes replaced, Manchester United 0-1 defeat. Manchester United record glide with Lukaku's goals a lot James Patrick Jersey, the Belgian striker so much criticism. Although this midfielder teammate support is not enough, but Lukaku also have to bear their own responsibility. Lukaku, who had 16 touches in the restricted area near the restricted area at the start of the season when he did not score a goal for Leicester City, Touch the ball 3 times. That game, Manchester United only 23 pass into the other restricted area, although less than 8 times when compared to Leicester City, for a striker, that is enough to create a shot Antti Raanta Jersey.

Mourinho's disappointment can be imagined

Le 25 December 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

Mourinho's disappointment can be imagined. Rio Ferdinand pointed out: "Mussina do not like to waste time, once he made a decision on a player will insist Ryan McDonagh Jersey." So Makhtalitan "disappeared": Manchester United after 9 games, he lost eight large List, only on November 25 and Brighton entered the list of a war and came off the bench. Fans do not understand Dominic Moore Jersey, the media inquiry, Mussina explained: "I am not satisfied with his recent performance, not one or two, I said three or four games or 5. He started well this season, but his performance standards, Goals, assists, highs, and the help being given to the team as bit 10 are all going down step by step Jaromir Jagr Jersey, which is enough to get me to let him down because everyone else gets his chances through hard work. Although Manchester United want to introduce Roberto, according to the Western media "Daily Sports Daily Derek Stepan Jersey," Roberto will sign a contract with Barcelona until 2023, breach of contract will come to 300 million euros, and his pre-tax Annual salary is 10 million euros, there are incentives in the contract terms. Barca mouthpiece also pointed out that Roberto's contract may be completed in the coming weeks, the official announcement by the end of the year, therefore, Manchester United want to dig the name of the Titans, in fact, not a small difficulty. British media also analyzed, Roberto battle, Manchester United facing Liverpool competition. Right now, Barcelona is interested in the Red Army's midfielder Kudiniao, and if Liverpool decided to send Brazilians away, they would ask Roberto to join the deal so the Red Devils' hurdles inevitably run into trouble.

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